Starting as a small seed in 2019, this humble group has spread roots and sown many seeds. The NUCA Growers is a small group of locals, predominantly in Fawkner, who are part of Neighbours United for Climate Action (NUCA) – a Merri-bek-based network promoting a social, localised form of climate engagement. NUCA Growers first met in September 2019. Since then they have met regularly, undertaking a range of activities, from public talks, to running garden tours and native seed bomb making, as well as planning and planting the greening up of public spaces in Fawkner. We’re so proud of this awesome group! We nominated them for the 2022 Merri-bek Environment Award to acknowledge and thank them not only for their positive environmental impacts, but also for giving hope to the NUCA community that a small group of neighbours can come together over something they love doing, and do it together to have a bigger impact. That we can all make a difference in a climate emergency.