This year, our Community Climate Action Series will focus on journeying through the seasons.  We want to acknowledge that many of us have been stripped bare by the last two years – and despite such a crucial year what with both federal and state elections – sometimes our energy reserves feel only able to get us through the basic day to day let alone to that often elusive thing called ‘climate action.’

Nevertheless, we see you.  Bit by bit, in whatever shape or form – mending socks, sharing seedlings with neighbours, planting urban forests, saving local sports fields, meeting with MPs – we are doing it.  Let’s remind ourselves, even taking a slow deep breath can be a form of climate action if it’s what we need to stay healthy and well … and continue the fight!

And so – on the first Saturday of every month – we invite you all to travel with us through the seasons:

A season of Reconnecting (March & April) – focusing on bringing community together to reconnect with each other and with country – something to lift our spirits and attend to our collective wellbeing.

  • Sat 5th March 2-4pm – Welcome to Country + Art Activities with Emma Bamblett (see flyer below)
  • Sat 2nd April 2-4pm – Mindful Weeding with MECCARG – Merri Murnong

A season of Reimagining (May & June)– focusing on reimagining ways of being-in-the-world, learning from Indigenous cultures, faith and philosophical traditions, creating new stories and envisioning the world and our place on it anew.

A season of Rekindling (August & September) – focusing on reigniting or enlivening the fire in us for collective action.

A season of Rejoicing (Nov & Dec) – focusing on celebration, an opportunity to look at all the positive stories of what has been achieved.

We are still in the process of slotting in sessions, so if you have any ideas on workshop topics/themes that you’d like to see covered in the series or if you have any knowledge/skills/initiatives you’d like to share with others, please do get in touch! We are very keen to make the workshop series a vehicle for you to enhance and promote any existing activities that you may be engaged in or want to engage in within our wonderful community.

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