One community in North Coburg mobilised like pros and saved a huge field from being converted into synthetic turf, but there are still 9 other fields on Moreland Council’s list of sites to be converted to synthetic or hybrid.

Unbelievably, in April, the following Councillors voted against commissioning a report into the social, environmental and economic, costs, benefits and impacts of synthetic turf: Cr Yildiz, Cr El-Halabi, Cr Tapinos, Cr Carli-Hannan, Cr Pavlidis, Cr Davidson, saying that such information could just be “googled”. This means Councillors will be making decisions about our community’s open spaces, where we and our kids play, fly kites, play sport, picnic, and play with dogs, without having a full set of facts before them. Very poor governance.

So it’s up to us, the citizens, to demand that Moreland Council commission an independent report on the costs and benefits of synthetic, compared and contrasted with that of natural turf. Please sign and share this widely around Moreland.

We are also very concerned with increasing State Government funding of school oval conversions increasing heat stress risk for children and heating the local microclimate affecting both children and local residents, against expert advice. If your school is considering synthetic, please get in touch.

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Read more at the Save Hosken Reserve website: