Last year Radha from the NUCA Plastics Use Reduction & Elimination Team put in a submission to Moreland Council’s budget – and it was successful!

It’s to work with the Boomerang Alliance to run a trial starting in early March for 4 months to reduce the use of plastic straws, coffee cups and takeaway containers and plastic cutlery with about 30 food businesses that have signed up to participate along Sydney Road, as the trial works best when businesses are all concentrated in an identifiable area, and branding and promotion help promote this locally.

So once the trial begins, come in and support the fabulous local businesses on Sydney Road who have signed up and will be doing their best to reduce single-use plastics. Community support will be crucial – and build the case for council to continue on with this great work once the trial is complete. Thanks again to the NUCA PURE team and a huge congratulations to them, especially Radha.

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